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Founded by Varuar, King is a friendly Age of Conan international guild located in the Purple Lotus Swamp with full T3 Guild City both in Crom and Fury servers.

Our mission is to have a place where new and old players can call home that everyone can enjoy and learn the game to the fullness regardless of nationality, religion and level of experience. 

Our vision is to build a guild where gamers with similar interest and aspiration can share their knowledge about the game and help each other achieve their individual goals - namely the pleasure from the game, relax, socialize and their avatars's achievement.

Our members consists of gamers from all over the world with different cultures and languages.

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Guild Arena & Meeting Room

by Babd Catha, 304 days ago

Dear fellow guilders,

I just found out recently, not all our members know our guild city in Purple Lotus Swamp has an arena and meeting room which was hidden underneath the main keep building.

Features in the Arena includes:
1. PVP & PVE practice
2. A throne room and meeting room with cosy fireplace
3. Mini games available from the Arbiter of Honor.

I have made a video to show you how to get access to it below.

Also if you go to the temple building and speak to the Priestess, you can get the Path of Comrade for 1 gold and be able to teleport to our guild city immediately.

So the next time if you recruit a new member, remember to show them this arena and meeting room and help them get the Path of Comrade.


Babd Catha

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Help Us Get More Existing Members To Get On Our Website

by Babd Catha, 306 days ago

Hi all,

Thank for visiting our new website.

As stated in my previous announcement, the objective of this website are:

1. To offer our members a platform to exchange information and help each other through the forum and personal blog.

2. To keep those who cannot be on frequently a convenience place to check updates to the guild and her events.

3. To have a calendar that we can post raid and dungeon events so that you can plan your time ahead should you decide to participate.

We need a favor from all those who have already registered. Please spread the words if you see any of your fellow guilder in game and let them know our website address so that too can register.

Once again thank you


Babd Catha

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Welcome To The Relaunch of King's New Website

by Babd Catha, 335 days ago

Over the last 2 weeks we launched our new website. 


However, after getting feedback from various active members from the guild the site we have launched lacks a few key features to enable our members to actively engage in helping to build the guild.


Today, on behalf of King and her guild leader, we are pleased to announce the relaunch of our new guild friendly website which includes: 

  • An easy to use forum for members to engage in active discussion and sharing.
  • Activity calendar so members can see what is coming up.
  • Guild roster that enable members to register their in-game characters.

 All in all, this website  will be a more guild friendly site and we will be adding more features as we move along.


We sincerely hope this website will further facilitates communications between all our members and brings the guilders closer together.


Long live the King!!

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